Load-Carrying Capacity and Friction Characteristics of a Water Droplet on Hydrophobic Surfaces
Glasslike Transitions in Thin Polymer-Melt Films Due to Thickness Constraint
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Frequency Characteristics of Stiffness and Damping Effect of a Ferrofluid Bearing
Evaluation of a Lightly Scratched Amorphous Carbon Surface by Contact Resistance of a Conductive Diamond Tip and the Carbon Surface
Relation Between Friction and Plastic Deformation Examined by Using Periodic Asperity Arrays Fabricated on an AFM Multipurpose Cantilever
Modification of Boundary Lubrication by Oil-Soluble Friction Modifier Additives
Fundamental Investigation of Micro Wear Rate Using an Atomic Force Microscope
The Effect of Topography on Water Wetting and Micro/Nano Tribological Characteristics of Polymeric Surfaces
Development and Application of a Novel Quantum-Chemical Molecular-Dynamics Method for Degradation Dynamics of Organic Lubricants Under High Temperatures and Pressures
Lateral Displacement of an AFM Tip Observed by In-Situ TEM/AFM Combined Microscopy