“Friction, Lubrication, and Adhesion in Micro- and Nano-Scale Devices”
Macro- and nanotribological properties of organosilane monolayers prepared by a chemical vapor adsorption method on silicon substrates
Strain shielding and confined plasticity in thin polymer films
Reduction of adhesion and friction of silicon oxide surface in the presence of n-propanol vapor in the gas phase
Influence of humidity on microtribology of vertically aligned carbon nanotube film
Effect of capillary formation on friction and pull-off forces measured on submicron-size asperities
Multiscale roughness and modeling of MEMS interfaces
Contrasting static-to-kinetic friction transitions on layers of an autophobically dewetted polymer film using Fourier-analyzed shear modulation force microscopy
Contact mechanics of a flexible imprinter for photocured nanoimprint lithography