Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication of Circular Contacts at Impact Loading with Generalized Newtonian Lubricants
Studies on ZDDP Thermal Film Formation by XANES Spectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, FIB/SEM and 31P NMR
Stick-Slip Motions in the Friction Force Microscope
Film Forming and Friction Properties of Overbased Calcium Sulphonate Detergents
A New Phenomenon Observed in Determining the Wear-Corrosion Synergy During a Corrosive Sliding Wear Test
Direct Insight into Near-frictionless Behavior Displayed by Diamond-like Carbon Coatings in Lubricants
The Influence of Lubricating Agents on the Formation of a Film of a Styrene/Butadiene Latex
In-situ Vapor-Phase Lubrication of MEMS
Observation of Real Metal Surfaces by Tribostimulated Electron Emission and Its Relationship to the Analyses by XPS and Photoemission