Directed Ion Transport as Virtual Cause of Some Facilitated Friction–Lubrication Mechanism Prevailing in Articular Cartilage
Arc Evaporation of Ti–Al–Ta–N Coatings
Easy-to-Implement Equations for Determining Adhesive Contact Parameters with the Accuracy of Numerical Simulations
Correlation Between the Structure and Wear Behavior of Chromium Coatings Electrodeposited from Trivalent Chromium Baths
Reciprocating Sliding Friction and Wear Property of Fe3Si Based Alloys Containing Cu in Water Lubrication
Dynamics in the Bridged State of a Magnetic Recording Slider
On Material Removal Regimes for the Shaping of Glass Edges
A Comparative Study on the Tribological Behavior of Nanocrystalline Nickel and Coarse-grained Nickel Coatings under Ionic Liquid Lubrication
C. Mathew Mate, Tribology on the Small Scale