Study of a Spherical-Pad Head Slider for Stable Low-Clearance Recording in Near-Contact Regime
Tribological Properties of Carbon Nanopearls Synthesized by Nickel-Catalyzed Chemical Vapor Deposition
Fiber Wobbling Method for Dynamic Viscoelastic Measurement of Liquid Lubricant Confined in Molecularly Narrow Gaps
Sliding Wear of Electrically Conductive ZrO2−WC Composites Against WC–Co Cemented Carbide
Microscopic Frictional Response of Sodium Oleate Self-Assembled on Steel
Friction, Wear, and Aging of an Alkoxy-monolayer Boundary Lubricant on Silicon
The Tribological Properties of Ionic Liquids Composed of Trifluorotris(pentafluoroethyl) Phosphate as a Hydrophobic Anion
A Model for Potential Adhesive Wear Particle at Sliding Inception of a Spherical Contact