The Influence on Boundary Friction of the Permeability of Sintered Bronze
Nanoscale to Macroscale Investigation of the Frictional Properties of Physisorbed Layers of Self-Organized Phthalocyanine Derivatives
Grafting Lubricant Molecular Chains to the Carbon Overcoat
Disk Lubricant Additives, A20H and C2
Atomic Force Microscope Investigation on Static Nanomechanical Properties Versus Dynamic Nanotribological Evaluation of Metal–ZrN and ZrN Thin Films
Lubricant Effect on the Microtribological Behavior of Magnetic Coating Formulations 1-aliphatic Lubricants
Theoretical Study on the Interferometry of Thin EHL Film Measurement
MD Simulations of Microstructure Evolution During High-Velocity Sliding Between Crystalline Materials