Boundary Lubrication by Pure Crystalline Zinc Orthophosphate Powder in Oil
Tribological Properties of Phosphor Bronze and Nanocrystalline Nickel Coatings Under PAO + MoDTC and Ionic Liquid Lubricated Condition
Drag Reduction by Dimples on Surfaces in Plane–Plane Contact Lubrication
Surface and Tribological Chemistry of Water and Carbon Dioxide on Copper Surfaces
Micro-to-Nano Indentation and Scratch Hardness in the Ni–Co System
Surface Texture Effect on Friction of a Microtextured Poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS)
Dry Reciprocating Sliding Friction and Wear Response of WC–Ni Cemented Carbides
Protic Ionic Liquids with Ammonium Salts as Lubricants for Magnetic Thin Film Media