Use of Eyring Equation to Explore the Frictional Responses of a –CF3 and a –CH3 Terminated Monolayers Self-Assembled on Silicon Substrate
3-D Characterization, Optimization, and Classification of Textured Surfaces
Tribological Behavior of Polyamide 66-Based Ternary Nanocomposites Modified with Organoclay and SEBS-g-MA
Chemical Modification in Wear Tracks of Chemical Vapor-Deposited Diamond Surfaces Studied with X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Film Thickness Dependence of Lubricant Mobility
Structures and High Temperature Friction and Wear Performances of Ti/Ni-Doped Carbonaceous Mesophases
Transmission Electron Microscopy Analysis of Mo–W–S–Se Film Sliding Contact Obtained by Using Focused Ion Beam Microscope and In Situ Microtribometer
Tribological Properties of Potassium Titanate in the Brake Friction Material; Morphological Effects