Lubrication of Steel/Steel Contacts by Choline Chloride Ionic Liquids
Effects of Chlorinated Paraffin and ZDDP Concentrations on Boundary Lubrication Properties of Mineral and Soybean Oils
Geometric Shape Effects of Surface Texture on the Generation of Hydrodynamic Pressure Between Conformal Contacting Surfaces
Tribological Performance of Microwave-Heat-Treated Copper-Graphite Composites
Microstructure and Dry-Sliding Wear Behavior of Thermal Sprayed and Fused Ni-Based Coatings with the Addition of La2O3
Friction Instability Induced by Corrosion of Gray Iron Brake Discs
Mechanical Modeling of Scratch Behavior of Polymeric Coatings on Hard and Soft Substrates
On the Deformation of Superelastic TiNi Alloy
Influence of Test Conditions on the Lubricated Friction and Wear Behaviour of Al-25Zn-3Cu Alloy
The Tribological Properties of a Nano-Eutectic Fe1.87C0.13 Alloy Under Liquid Paraffine Lubrication
Comparisons of Slip-Corrected Reynolds Lubrication Equations for the Air Bearing Film in the Head-Disk Interface of Hard Disk Drives
Effect of Nano-Cu Lubrication Additive on the Contact Fatigue Behavior of Steel
Analysis of NM-Scale Scratches on High-Gloss Tribological Surfaces by Using an Angle-Resolved Light Scattering Method
Triboplasma Generation and Triboluminescence
Tribochemical Behavior of Si3N4-hBN Ceramic Materials with Water Lubrication
Mechanics of Deformation under Traction and Friction of a Micrometric Monolithic MoS2 Particle in Comparison with those of an Agglomerate of Nanometric MoS2 Particles
Wear-Corrosion Resistance of DLC/CoCrMo System for Medical Implants with Different Surface Finishing
Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of the Large-Scale Testing of Polymeric Composite Journal Bearings
Measurement of Friction Noise Versus Contact Area of Rough Surfaces Weakly Loaded
Modeling of Thermal-Assisted Dislocation Friction
The Influence of Lead Suspension in Oil Lubricant on the Sliding Wear Behaviour of Cast Iron
The Effect of Oil Pockets Shape and Distribution on Seizure Resistance in Lubricated Sliding
Microtribology and Friction-Induced Material Transfer in Layered MoS2 Nanoparticles Sprayed on a Steel Surface
Analysis of Feature-Scale Wear in Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Friction and Wear Properties of 3D Carbon/Silicon Carbide Composites Prepared by Liquid Silicon Infiltration
Ultralow Friction of Mesogenic Fluid Mixtures in Tribological Reciprocating Systems
Characterization of Frictional Behavior in Cold Forging
Influence of Surface Roughness, Material and Climate Conditions on the Friction of Human Skin
Size-Dependent Adhesion Strength of a Single Viscoelastic Fiber
The Preparation and Tribological Investigation of Ni-P Amorphous Alloy Nanoparticles
Finger Friction Measurements on Coated and Uncoated Printing Papers
Tribological Behavior of Composites Based on ZA-27 Alloy Reinforced with Graphite Particles
Study on Lubricant Depletion Induced by Laser Heating in Thermally Assisted Magnetic Recording Systems
Wear Mechanisms at High Temperatures. Part 3
Ionic Liquids as Lubricants of Titanium-Steel Contact. Part 2
Impact Abrasive Wear Response of Carbon/Carbon Composites at Elevated Temperatures
Energy, Adhesion, and the Elastic Foundation
Sliding Wear Behavior of HVOF-sprayed Cr3C2-NiCr/CeO2 Composite Coatings at Elevated Temperature up to 800 °C
Effect of Surface Pattern on Stribeck Curve