Effects of Deposition Conditions and Counter Bodies on the Tribological Properties of Pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtered TiN-MoS x Composite Coating
Simultaneously Measuring Lateral and Vertical Forces with Accurate Gap Control for Clarifying Lubrication Phenomena at Nanometer Gap
Wear Simulation of Polymer Using Multiscratch Test Procedure
Multi-Scale Investigation of Surface Topography of Ball Python ( Python regius ) Shed Skin in Comparison to Human Skin
Origin of Friction in Running-in Sliding Wear of Nitride Coatings
Macrotribological Studies of Poly( L -lysine)- graft -Poly(ethylene glycol) in Aqueous Glycerol Mixtures
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Lubricating Properties of Organic Phosphate Ester Aqueous Solutions
Lubricant-Induced Spacing Increases at Slider-Disk Interfaces in Disk Drives
Possibility of the Abrasive Wear Resistance Determination with Scratch Tester
Abrasive and Adhesive Wear Behavior of Arc-Evaporated Al 1- x Cr x N Hard Coatings
The Effect of Load (Pressure) for Quantitative EHL Film Thickness
Investigating the Lubricity and Electrical Insulation Caused by Sanding in Dry Wheel-Rail Contacts
Morphology and Toughness of Abrasive Particles and Their Effects on the Friction and Wear of Friction Materials
Stribeck Curve Under Friction of Copper Samples in the Steady Friction State