Hybrid Diffusion
Optical Detections From Worn and Unworn Titanium Compound Surfaces
Determination of Low Wear Rates in Metal-On-Metal Hip Joint Replacements Based on Ultra Trace Element Analysis in Simulator Studies
Tribological Properties of Room Temperature Fluorinated Graphite Heat-Treated Under Fluorine Atmosphere
Tribological Performance of Fe67B33 Alloy Prepared by a Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Technique
Antagonistic Interaction of Antiwear Additives and Carbon Black
Friction and Wear of Thermal Oxidation-Treated Ti3SiC2
Modeling of Fretting Wear Based on Solution of Wear Contact Problem
Friction Properties of Carbon Nano-Onions from Experiment and Computer Simulations
Synthesis and Tribological Performance of Novel Mo x W1−x S2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) Inorganic Fullerenes
Particle Contamination on a Thermal Flying-Height Control Slider
Multi-Scale Investigation of Surface Topography of Ball Python (Python regius) Shed Skin in Comparison to Human Skin
Paul Fleischauer (1942–2009)