Flow cytometric quantification of antigen D sites on red blood cells of partial D and weak D variants in India

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SUMMARYThe D antigenic sites are diminished in weak D and partial D variants. The aim of this study was to estimate D antigen on RBC in weak D and partial D variants in Indian population by using flow cytometric method.Blood samples of 42 cases of partial D, eight cases of weak D and 123 normal Rh phenotypes identified by serological methods were used in the study. An indirect immunofluorescence method was employed using 29 monoclonal anti-D as primary antibody. The D antigenic sites were calculated using control RBC as internal standard.The D antigenic sites in weak D and partial D variants are less than that found in normal Rh phenotypes. In weak D, the D antigenic sites were between 1500 and 7000 D antigens per cell. Among partial D variants, DVI had minimum and DVa had maximum number of D sites.Flow cytometry is a very good tool for demonstrating minor variation in D antigen when serological methods are inconclusive. The D antigenic sites per RBC in partial D variants identified in Indian population are reported for the first time.

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