Building Resiliency and Cultural Collaboration Post September 11: A Group Model of Brief Integrative Psychoeducation for Diverse Communitiesth: A Group Model of Brief Integrative Psychoeducation for Diverse Communities

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This paper describes the goals and implementation of a brief group model of integrative psychoeducation designed to ameliorate the impact of community trauma. This manual-based four-session crisis oriented intervention is present focused and strengths based, and builds on resiliency and collaboration across cultural groups. The model was developed in New York City to serve the needs of community members from diverse ethnic and sociodemographic backgrounds affected either directly or indirectly by the events of September 11th, 2001. Through the integrative psychoeducational groups, participants learn to identify and differentiate the range of stress reactions to traumatic events, varying from normal to pathological. Participants are gradually sensitized to the value of proactive and culturally relevant mental health strategies to build resiliency and hope, and to enhance personal and community awareness. In turn they become more open to the potential for mental health services. Applications for diverse community based settings are presented and discussed.

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