Dispositional Hope as a Protective Factor Among Medical Emergency Professionals: A Preliminary Investigation

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The relationships between dispositional hope and psychological adjustments were examined among 35 medical professionals in the accident and emergency (A&E) department. About 21.4% of the participants could be considered as “probable PTSD cases,” and 34.3% of them had two or more job burnout symptom subscales above the thresholds. Correlation analyses showed that A&E personnel with a higher dispositional hope tended to exhibit less burnout symptoms (r = −.62, p < .0001) and less PTSD symptoms (r = −.39, p < .05). Regression analyses showed that hope remained a significant individual predictor for burnout after controlling for gender, profession (physician vs. nurse) and years of experience (β = −.54, p < .01). Our data showed that dispositional hope is an important factor in preventing burnout among medical personnel in the A&E department.

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