The Development and Implementation of the Promoting Resilient Officers (PRO) Program

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This article describes the rationale, developmental process, and content of a resilience-building program that has been implemented with new recruits to a police academy. The process of extensive consultation with the police service (consistent with community-based participatory research principles) has helped to provide a sustainable and pragmatic program framework. The Promoting Resilient Officers (PRO) program is a seven-session strength-based program that integrates CBT and interpersonal perspectives within a salutogenic paradigm. PRO also includes two “refresher” sessions delivered online up to 18 months post the initial face-to-face sessions. PRO was delivered with high fidelity as an integral part of police recruit training and made sustainable by using psychologists within the police service to deliver the intervention. Implementation incorporated a Randomized Controlled design by which a rigorous evaluation of program effectiveness is being conducted. Initial data presented indicates a high level of engagement and acceptability of the PRO program.

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