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Obituary Stewart Macfarlane, M.Sc., C. Biol., M. I. Biol., N.D.A., N.D.D., Dip. T.A.H.P.
Trace element levels in plasma/serum and erythrocytes of keteku and white fulani cattle
Susceptibility of three breeds of ugandan goats to experimental infection with Trypanosoma congolense
Serological evidence of the occurrence of enzootic bovine leukosis (EBL) virus infection in cattle in Tanzania
Postvaccinal immune response to regimens of newcastle disease vaccination by filter paper sampling technique
Methanol-precipitated, detergent-treated newcastle disease virus as an agar-gel precipitation test antigen
Seasonal fluctuation of ixodid ticks on a herd of indigenous goats at oodi, kgatleng district, Botswana
Acute and subacute fasciolosis of alpacas ( Lama pacos ) and treatment with triclabendazole
An assessment of the efficacy of deltamethrin with HCH for the treatment of sarcoptic mange in camels
Rabies in a camel—A case report
Nutritional and economic benefits of Leucaena and Gliricidia as feed supplements for small ruminants in humid West Africa
Role and management of donkeys in samburu and turkana pastoralist societies in Northern Kenya
Note on age and body weight at puberty in Mehraban Iranian fat-tailed ewe lambs
Effect of feeding tagernut ( Cyperus rotundus , L) meal on the performance of rabbits
Book review
Hatchability of guinea fowl eggs in Nigeria