Field evaluation of an indirect elisa for detection of brucellosis in Lowland Bolivia
Use of dot-immunobinding assay for visual detection of rinderpest antibodies in vaccinated cattle
Immunisation of smallholder dairy cattle against anaplasmosis and babesiosis in Malawi
Prevalence of antibodies against respiratory viruses (parainfluenza virus type 3, respiratory syncytial virus, reovirus and adenovirus) in relation to productivity in Syrian Awassi sheep
Immunisation of cattle in Zimbabwe using Theileria Parva (boleni) without concurrent tetracycline therapy
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Comparative efficacy of three anthelmintics against mixed gastrointestinal nematode infections in camels
Book review
Dermatophilosis and abscessation of lymph nodes in a group of TICK-infested horses in Uganda
Coagglutination test for rapid detection of infectious bursal disease virus antigen
Genetic and environmental trends in a large commercial jersey herd in the central rift valley, Kenya
Effect of age and sex of egg strain chickens and of two stocking densities of broilers on voluntary water intake and performance in a sub-humid environment
Estimation of liveweight from chest girth in pure and crossbred West African goats
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