Protein supplementation of grazing cattle in the semi-arid zone of Cameroon
Effects of diet supplementation and body cooling on friesian calves reared in high ambient temperatures in the eastern desert of Egypt
Cassava peels in the diet of young pigs in Nigeria
Chemical composition and nutritive value of pea straw subjected to fungal fermentation
Susceptibility of the namchi and kapsiki cattle of cameroon to trypanosome infection
Latex immunoassay for rapid detection of newcastle disease virus
Agar-gel-immunodiffusion and counterimmunoelectrophoresis for diagnosis of newcastle disease
Evaluation of different serological tests for the diagnosis of goat pox using soluble antigens
Demodicosis of goats: Haematological and biochemical changes
Study on economic aspects of goat grubs in Iran
Use of egg yolk in seromonitoring against newcastle disease
Haemorrhagic septicaemia due to Pasteurella Multocida type B2 in Namibia
Eimeria Gilruthi infection in nadji lambs in gassim region of central Saudi Arabia
Sheep pox among australian sheep in Jordan
Biochemical responses in mixed chronic psoroptic and sarcoptic mange of buffaloes ( Bubalus Bubalis )
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