Dynamics and impact of tick-borne diseases of cattle
Cattle theileriosis in China
Theileriosis of sheep and goats in China
Babesiosis in China
Ovine anaplasmosis in Northwest China
Babesiasis in Nanjing Area, China
Ticks and tick-borne bovine piroplasmosis in the Southmountain Pasture of Hunan Province, China
An investigation into the piroplasms of domestic animals in Yunnan province, China
Attempted transmission of Babesia major by Boophilus microplus
Studies on buffalo babesiosis in Hubei Province, China
Studies on the in vitro cultivation of Babesia from buffaloes
Studies on the pathogenicity of Babesia bovis in water buffaloes after cryopreservation and resuscitation
An unidentified species of Theileria infective for cattle discovered in China
Comparative sequence analysis of the major piroplasm surface protein gene of bovine benign Theileria parasites distributed in East Asia
Comparison of some characteristics of Theileria sergenti and Theileria annulata
Studies on the isolation and cryopreservation of Babesia, Theileria and Anaplasma from livestock in China
Economic importance of theileriosis in Japan
Epidemiology and economic impact of tropical theileriosis in Tunisia: Importance and the definition of a strategy of vaccination
Control of ticks and tick borne diseases in exotic/cross-bred dairy cattle in India
Tick-borne diseases in Thailand
Tick-borne diseases in Turkey
Sero-epidemiological survey of tropical theileriosis in Morocco
Detection of Babesia bovis using a DIG-labeled DNA probe
In vitro cultivation of Babesia equi and its applications
Studies on the diagnosis of Theileria annulata infection by ELISA
Detection of Theileria annulata in carrier cattle and vector ticks by the polymerase chain reaction
Molecular characterization of a 30 Kda Babesia equi merozoite surface protein
Antigenic diversity in the major merozoite antigens of Theileria parasites
Antigenic and genetic characterization of Theileria sergenti
The cure of acute babesiasis perroncitoi in swine
Studies on the comprehensive control of babesiasis in cattle and buffaloes
Observations on the treatment of natural haemosporidia infections by total alkaloid of Peganum harmala L. in cattle
Effect of total alkaloid of Peganum harmala L. in the treatment of experimental haemosporidian infections in cattle
A study on the treatment of theileriosis in sheep using “Miejiaoming”
Treatment of canine babesiasis with imidocarb dihydrochloride
Vaccines against hemoparasitic diseases in Israel with special reference to quality assurance
Vaccines, genetics and chemicals in tick control: The Australian experience
Genetics of disease resistance and the potential of genome mapping
Research on the schizont cell culture vaccine against Theileria annulata infection in Xinjiang, China
Application and effect of the schizont vaccine against Theileria annulata in China
Investigations on vaccination against theileriosis in Morocco
Lowered vaccine dose for immunisation of calves against tropical theileriosis using Theileria annulata lymphoblasts
Responses in animals vaccinated with the Theileria annulata (Hisar) cell culture vaccine
Revaccination with the same Theileria annulata infected cell line may not be feasible for boosting immunity against tropical theileriosis
Control of Theileria sergenti infection by vaccination
An Immunisation Trial with In Vitro Produced Babesia Bigemina Exoantigens
Candidate Recombinant Vaccine Antigens of Theileria Annulata : Current Status and Future Prospects
Macroschizonts of Theileria Annulata as Vaccine and Diagnostic Tools
Parasite-Mediated Steps in Immune Response Failure During Primary Theileria Annulata Infection
Protective Immune Responses to Theileria Annulata of Relevance to Vaccine Development
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