New Editor of Tropical Animal Health and Production
Some Accepted Titles
Parturient haemoglobinuria in buffaloes - a review
The Nutrition of Goats - Book Review
Control of foot-and-mouth disease through vaccination and the isolation of infected animals
Mycoplasma of ruminants: Pathogenictity, Diagnostics, Epidemiology and Molecular Genetics - Book Review
Evaluation of hyperimmune sera against goat pox viral antigens
Isolation of Mycobacterium species from raw milk of pastoral cattle of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania
International Symposium on Buffalo Products - Book Review
Getah virus infection of Indian horses
Comparative evaluation of IHA and CIEP in the diagnosis of Toxocara vitulorum in pregnant cows and buffaloes
Prospects and strategies for genetic improvement of the dairy potential of tropical cattle by selection