Detection of Human Rotavirus in Faeces from Diarrhoeic Calves in North-east Nigeria
Purification and Characterization of the Aetiological Agent of Hydropericardium Hepatitis Syndrome from Infected Liver Tissues of Broiler Chickens
Prevalence and Aetiology of Mastitis in Cows from Two Major Ethiopian Dairies
Efficacy of Sex Determination in the Greater Cane Rat, Thryonomys swinderianus , Temminck
Detection of Oestrus in Bunaji Cows under Field Conditions
Effect of Cowpea Hay, Groundnut Hay, Cotton Seed Meal and Maize Meal Supplementation to Maize Stover on Intake, Digestibility, Microbial Protein Supply and Acetate Kinetics in Weaner Lambs
Effect of Supplementation with Leguminous Crop Residues or Concentrates on the Voluntary Intake and Performance of Kirdi Sheep
A Possible Association between Dietary Intake of Copper, Zinc and Phosphate and Delayed Puberty in Heifers in Sudan
Changes in Blood Glucose, Plasma Non-esterified Fatty Acids and Insulin in Pregnant and Non-pregnant Goats
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