Community Animal Health Services for Improving Household Wealth and Health Status of Low-income Farmers
The Control of Rinderpest in Tanzania between 1997 and 1998
The Encyclopaedia of Arthropod-transmitted Infections of Man and Domesticated Animals. Edited by M.W. Service
Growth and Mortality in Sheep and Goats under High Tsetse Challenge in Kenya
Financial Implications of Rearing Sheep and Goats under Natural Trypanosomosis Challenge at Galana Ranch, Kenya
Characterization of Indigenous Fat-tailed and Fat-rumped Hair Sheep in Kenya: Diversity in Blood Proteins
Milk Production by Agropastoral Red Sokoto Goats in Nigeria
Use of Radioimmunoassay to Measure Progesterone Levels During Different Reproductive Stages in Female Damascus Goats
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