A Seroprevalence Study of Camel Brucellosis in Three Camel-rearing Regions of Ethiopia
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Patterns of Parturition and Mortality in Weaned Greater Cane Rats ( Thryonomys swinderianus , Temminck)
On the Use of the Perineal Stain as an Index of Sexual Maturity and Breeding Condition in the Male Greater Cane Rat, Thryonomys swinderianus , Temminck
The Survival, Growth and Carcase Characteristics of Crossbred Beef Cattle in Tanzania
Characterization and Evaluation of Semen in Growing Awassi Ram Lambs
The Effect of Supplementation with Fresh Browse of Ziziphus mauritiana or Combretum aculeatum on Feed Intake, Nitrogen Utilization and Growth of Grazing Range Sheep