Lamb and Kid Mortality in Village Flocks in the Coastal Savanna Zone of Ghana
Foot and Mouth Disease and Livestock Husbandry Practices in the Adamawa Province of Cameroon
Immunization of Crossbred Cattle ( Bos indicus × Bos taurus ) with Fractionated Midgut Antigens against Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum
Studies on the Epidemiology of Tropical Theileriosis ( Theileria annulata Infection) in Cattle in Central Anatolia, Turkey
Quarantine and Health Screening Protocols for Wildlife Prior to Translocation and Release into the Wild
Abnormalities of the Testes and Epididymis in Bucks and Rams Slaughtered at Debre Zeit Abattoir, Ethiopia
Macrocyclic Lactones in Antiparasitic Therapy
Reproductive Performance of Crossbred Dairy Cows in Different Production Systems in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia
Comparative Analysis of Village Chicken Production in Two Farming Systems in Burkina Faso
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