Recent Evidence of Animal Exploitation in the Axumite Epoch, 1st–5th Centuries AD
Protection against Brucellosis in Goats, Five Years after Vaccination with Reduced-Dose Brucella melitensis Rev 1 Vaccine
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An Evaluation of the Acceptability as Forage of Some Nutritive and Antinutritive Components and of the Dry Matter Degradation Profiles of Five Species of Ficus
Screening Village N'Dama Cows in The Gambia with Respect to Milk Yield
Effect of Supplementation of a Basal Diet of Maize Stover with Erythrina variegata, Gliricidia sepium or Leucaena leucocephala on Feed Intake and Digestibility by Goats
Thermoregulation and Water Balance as Affected by Water and Food Restrictions in Sudanese Desert Goats Fed Good-quality and Poor-quality Diets
Infectious Diseases of Wildlife