Different Serum Haemolytic Complement Levels in Indigenous Chickens from Benin, Bolivia, Cameroon, India and Tanzania
Antibiotic Sensitivity Patterns among Indian Strains of Avian Pasteurella multocida
Effects of Fresh Cassava Tops on Rumen Environment Parameters, Thyroid Gland Hormones and Liver Enzymes of Local Yellow Cattle Fed Urea-treated Fresh Rice Straw
Productivity of Crossbred Dairy Cows Suckling their Calves for 12 or 24 Weeks Post Calving
Minerals in Animal and Human Nutrition (2003), 2nd edn, p. 644
The Effects of a Short-term Increase in Supplementation on the Reproduction Performance in Lactating Crossbred Dairy Cows
Phenotypic Characterization of Indigenous Tswana Goats and Sheep Breeds in Botswana
Estimation of Genetic Parameters and Variance Components for Growth Traits of Nguni Cattle in Limpopo Province, South Africa
Relationships between Longevity and Linear Type Traits in Holstein Cattle Population of Southern Africa
Feeding of Spinach or Sweet-potato Leaves and Growth Performance of Growing Pigs Kept on Smallholder Farms in Central Vietnam
A Survey of Small-scale Broiler Production Systems in Botswana
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