A Review of the Factors Affecting the Survival of Donkeys in Semi-arid Regions of Sub-Saharan Africa
The Effect of Providing Feed Supplementation and Anthelmintic to Donkeys during Late Pregnancy and Lactation on Live Weight and Survival of Dams and Their Foals in Central Ethiopia
Seasonal Variation in the Parasite Burden and Body Condition of Working Donkeys in East Shewa and West Shewa Regions of Ethiopia
The Impact of Access to Animal Health Services on Donkey Health and Livelihoods in Ethiopia
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Technology Transfer Pathways and Livelihood Impact Indicators in Central Ethiopia
Digestible Energy Requirements of Mexican Donkeys Fed Oat Straw and Maize Stover
Participatory Study on Feeding Strategies for Working Donkeys Used by Campesino Farmers in the Highlands of Central México
Live Weight Estimation of Donkeys in Central México from Measurement of Thoracic Circumference
Study of the Genetic Origin of the Mexican Creole Donkey (Equus asinus) by Means of the Analysis of the D-Loop Region of Mitochondrial DNA