A serologic investigation of epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (EHDV) in cattle and gazella subgutturosa subgutturosa in Turkey
Serosurveillance for equine infectious anaemia in the Ardahan province of Turkey
Prevalence and molecular diagnosis of Trypanosoma evansi in Nili-Ravi buffalo ( Bubalus bubalis ) in different districts of Punjab (Pakistan)
Septicemic salmonellosis in a two-humped camel calf ( Camelus bactrianus )
Investigation of African swine fever in slaughtered pigs, Plateau state, Nigeria, 2004–2006
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Bovine hypodermosis—a global aspect
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Calf health and management in smallholder dairy farms in Tanzania
Survey of ixodid ticks in domestic ruminants in Bedelle district, Southwestern Ethiopia
Comparative study on responses of cattle and water buffalo ( Bubalus bubalis ) to experimental inoculation of Brucella abortus biovar 1 by the intraconjunctival route—a preliminary report
Prevalence of Leptospira interrogans antibodies in free-ranging Tayassu pecari of the Southern Pantanal, Brazil, an ecosystem where wildlife and cattle interact
Feed intake and production parameters of lactating crossbred cows fed maize-based diets of stover, silage or quality protein silage
Effect of dietary ascorbic acid supplementation level on productivity, mortality, and carcass characteristics of Venda chickens
Study on ectoparasitic defects of processed skins at Sheba Tannery, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
Determinants of choice of market-oriented indigenous Horo cattle production in Dano district of western Showa, Ethiopia
The value of Leucaena leucocephala bark in leucaena—grass hay diets for Thai goats
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Effect of bypass fat supplementation on productive and reproductive performance in crossbred cows
Bovine trypanosomosis and its vectors in two districts of Bench Maji zone, South Western Ethiopia
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Viability of cattle sperm under different storage conditions in Cameroon
Pathogenicity evaluation of different Newcastle disease virus chimeras in 4-week-old chickens
Escherichia coli strains causing edema disease in northern Vietnam share an identical verotoxin 2e
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Genetic and non-genetic factors affecting semen production traits in Karan Fries crossbred bulls
Comparative efficacy of immunological, molecular and culture assays for detection of group A rotavirus from faecal samples of buffalo ( Bubalus bubalis ) calves
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Putative probiotic Lactobacillus spp. from porcine gastrointestinal tract inhibit transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus and enteric bacterial pathogens