Partnership between Europe and developing countries in health research
Immunohistological studies on an Onchocerca volvulus ankyrin (EI)
Use of recombinant Onchocerca volvulus antigens for diagnosis and surveillance of human onchocerciasis
Viability and fertility of adult Onchocerca volvulus after 6 years of treatment with ivermectin
Topical chemotherapy for experimental murine African CNS-trypanosomiasis: the successful use of the arsenical, melarsoprol, combined with the 5-nitroimidazoles, fexinidazole or MK-436
Use of insecticide-impregnated targets for the control of tsetse flies (Glossina spp.) and trypanosomiasis occurring in cattle in an area of south-west Ethiopia with a high prevalence of drug-resistant
Response of childhood malaria to chloroquine and Fansidar in an area of intermediate chloroquine resistance in Côte d'Ivoire
Mosquito nets and insecticides for net treatment: a discussion of existing and potential distribution systems in Africa
Evaluation of IgG4 response in ascariasis by ELISA for serodiagnosis
Ascaris suum: molecular cloning of an intermediate filament*
The morbidity attributable to Schistosoma japonicum infection in 3 villages in Dongting Lake region, Hunan Province, PR China
Use of a new glass microfibre histamine release method to study the modulation of the host response in human schistosomiasis mansoni. Individuals with different degrees of exposure to the disease show differing
Community-based investigation of an outbreak of acute viral conjunctivitis in urban slums
Survey of blindness in rural communities of south-western Nigeria
Resistance of Blastocystis hominis cysts to metronidazole
Aetiology of acute diarrhoea in hospitalized children in Hong Kong
Feeding practices of mothers during childhood diarrhoea in a rural area of Nigeria
The study of hygiene behaviour in Botswana: a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods
A coverage plan for health centres in Murewa District in Zimbabwe: an example of action research
Maternal mortality in the main referral hospital in The Gambia, West Africa
The 5-year outcome of multidrug resistant tuberculosis patients in the Cape Province of South Africa
Prevalence of iodine deficiency disorders and goitre in Chad
Provision of health information by British travel agents
Sexual Behaviour and AIDS in the Developing World
Urban Health in Developing Countries
Proceedings of the International Meeting `Diversity in Parasites and Parasitic Diseases'* of the Research Focus `Tropical Medicine Heidelberg'
Diversity among schistosomes in sensitivity to drugs
Species and sex diversity in protein degradation by schistosomes
Variability between individual parasites (Schistosoma mansoni) in their surface and metabolic properties
Distribution, properties and functions of sialidases and trans-sialidases of African and American Trypanosoma species
Diversity of the redox-mechanism in Plasmodium species
The role of the parasitophorous vacuolar membrane of intracellular parasites as a host-parasite interface
Creating diversity in schistosomes and their intermediate hosts: preliminary report on a programme of selectively breeding lines of Schistosoma mansoni and Biomphalaria glabrata with distinctive phenotypes
Geographical and intra-species variability of schistosomes and their host snails
Diversity in host-finding strategies of larval schistosomes
Filarial worms and their ecological niche: the territory of the parasite
Genome instability in Schistosoma mansoni
Diversity in reproduction systems among schistosomes: genetical aspects
Control of gene expression in antigenic variation during the life cycle of Trypanosoma brucei
Antigenic diversity in the major merozoite surface antigen 1 of Plasmodium falciparum
Polymorphism of malarial merozoite surface antigen MSA2
Diversity in the immune response of onchocerciasis patients against recombinant and stage specific parasite antigens
Malaria and onchocerciasis: on HLA and related matters
The diverse expression of immunity and pathogenesis in human filariasis
Diversity within the polyprotein allergen genes of nematodes
Individual diversity, but population uniformity in human responses to schistosomiasis
Molecular markers for diversity of Mycobacteria: clinical and epidemiological applications
The diversity of macroparasites in two species of microtine rodents from North Baden, Germany
Transmission and local distribution of parasitic diseases in the Sultanate of Oman
The use of microbial control agents against mosquitoes in Germany