Geographical information systems (GIS) and the tuberculosis DOTS strategy
Spatial implications of the tuberculosis DOTS strategy in rural South Africa: a novel application of geographical information system and global positioning system technologies
Short report: Lack of specificity of Beilstein test in detecting pyrethroid insecticide on coloured mosquito nets
A community perspective on the efficacy of malaria treatment options for children in Lundazi District, Zambia
Epidemiological features and case management practices of imported malaria in northern Italy 1991-1995
Detection of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense in sleeping sickness suspects by PCR amplification of expression-site-associated genes 6 and 7
Foyer de bilharziose à Schistosoma mekongi redécouvert au Nord du Cambodge: I. Perception culturelle de la maladie; description et suivi de 20 cas cliniques graves
Foci of Schistosomiasis mekongi, Northern Cambodia: II. Distribution of infection and morbidity
Detection of circulating E/S antigens in the sera of patients with fascioliasis by IELISA: a tool of serodiagnosis and assessment of cure
Circulating antibodies and antigens correlate with egg counts in human fascioliasis
Where health care has no access: the nomadic populations of sub-Saharan Africa