Beyond emergency care: challenges to health planning in complex emergencies
How many patients with a sexually transmitted infection are cured by health services? A study from Mwanza region, Tanzania
Authentication of artemether, artesunate and dihydroartemisinin antimalarial tablets using a simple colorimetric method
Two cases of autochthonous Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Germany with evidence for local transmission by indigenous Anopheles plumbeus
Patterns in age-specific malaria incidence in a population exposed to low levels of malaria transmission intensity
Perception of chloroquine efficacy and alternative treatments for uncomplicated malaria in children in a holoendemic area of Tanzania: implications for the change of treatment policy
Predicting the distribution of urinary schistosomiasis in Tanzania using satellite sensor data
Somatostatin and intestinal schistosomiasis: therapeutic and neuropathological implications in host–parasite interactions
Phenothiazines: potential alternatives for the management of antibiotic resistant infections of tuberculosis and malaria in developing countries
Feasibility of an ultrasound service on district health care level in Botswana
Mass vaccination campaigns to eradicate poliomyelitis in Madagascar: oral poliovirus vaccine increased immunity of children who missed routine programme
Extent and speed of spread of HIV infection in India through the commercial sex networks: a perspective
Effectiveness of community and health services-organized drug delivery strategies for elimination of lymphatic filariasis in rural areas of Tamil Nadu, India
Increased trypanolytic activity in sera of sleeping sickness patients after chemotherapy
Community perception of school-based delivery of anthelmintics in Ghana and Tanzania
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