Ethical issues in the application of verbal autopsies in mortality surveillance systems
Treatment of lymph node tuberculosis – a randomized clinical trial of two 6-month regimens
Relationship of measles vaccination with anaemia and malaria in western Kenya
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Neurological and developmental outcome of neonatal jaundice and sepsis in rural Kenya
Do growth monitoring and promotion programs answer the performance criteria of a screening program? A critical analysis based on a systematic review
Use of intermittent preventive treatment for malaria in pregnancy in a rural area of western Kenya with high coverage of insecticide-treated bed nets
Evaluation of long-lasting insecticidal nets after 2 years of household use
Integrating insecticide-treated bednets into a measles vaccination campaign achieves high, rapid and equitable coverage with direct and voucher-based methods
Open randomized study of artesunate-amodiaquine vs. chloroquine-pyrimethamine-sulfadoxine for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Nigerian children
A review of the quality of randomized clinical trials of adjunctive therapy for the treatment of cerebral malaria
Mutations in Plasmodium falciparum dihydrofolate reductase and dihydropteroate synthase genes in Senegal
Hypothalamic-pituitary gonadal axis and immune response imbalance during chronic filarial infections
Soil-transmitted helminthiasis in Uganda
Repellent properties of celery, Apium graveolens L., compared with commercial repellents, against mosquitoes under laboratory and field conditions
Post-surgical assessment of excised tissue from patients with Buruli ulcer disease
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