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Accuracy and quality of immunization information systems in forty-one low income countries
Integration of immunization services with other health interventions in the developing world
Free distribution of insecticide treated bed nets to pregnant women in Kinshasa
The impact of primary health care on malaria morbidity – defining access by disease burden
Determinants of survival in AIDS patients on antiretroviral therapy in a rural centre in the Far-North Province, Cameroon
Micronutrient status indicators in individuals single- or double-infected with HIV and Wuchereria bancrofti before and after DEC treatment
The impact of distance of residence from a peripheral health facility on pediatric health utilisation in rural western Kenya
Trends observed during a decade of paediatric sick visits to peripheral health facilities in rural western Kenya, 1997–2006
Feasibility of satellite image-based sampling for a health survey among urban townships of Lusaka, Zambia
Dosing accuracy of artesunate and amodiaquine as treatment for falciparum malaria in Casamance, Senegal
Anthropometrically derived dosing and drug costing calculations for treating visceral leishmaniasis in Bihar, India
Pharmacy customers' knowledge of side effects of purchased medicines in Mexico
Community intervention to promote rational treatment of acute respiratory infection in rural Nepal
Field evaluation of rapid diagnostic tests for meningococcal meningitis in Niger
Access, sources and value of new medical information