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Three global health reports
Very early mortality in patients starting antiretroviral treatment at primary health centres in rural Malawi
The impact of gender and income on survival and retention in a South African antiretroviral therapy programme
Sensitivity and specificity of Chagas Stat-Pak® test in Bolivia
Immunospecific immunoglobulins and IL-10 as markers for Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense late stage disease in experimentally infected vervet monkeys
Diagnostic performance and costs of Capilia TB for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex identification from broth-based culture in Bangkok, Thailand
Barriers to TB care for rural-to-urban migrant TB patients in Shanghai
Self-harm and self-poisoning in southern India
Adherence to artesunate-amodiaquine combination therapy for uncomplicated malaria in children in Zanzibar, Tanzania
Factors influencing adherence to referral advice following pre-referral treatment with artesunate suppositories in children in rural Tanzania
Intermittent preventive treatment using artemisinin-based combination therapy reduces malaria morbidity among school-aged children in Mali
Integration of insecticide-treated net distribution into routine immunization services in Malawi
From malaria control to eradication
CD36 deficiency protects against malarial anaemia in children by reducing Plasmodium falciparum -infected red blood cell adherence to vascular endothelium
Avian influenza and South Jakarta primary healthcare workers
Performance-based financing for better quality of services in Rwandan health centres