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Hepatitis B treatment in resource poor settings
International institutions, Global Health Initiatives and the challenge of sustainability
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Low-high season variation in Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte binding antigen 175 ( eba- 175) allelic forms in malaria endemic area of Burkina Faso
Determinants of bednet ownership and use in visceral leishmaniasis-endemic areas of the Indian subcontinent
In vitro sensitivity of Leishmania ( Viannia ) braziliensis and Leishmania ( Leishmania ) amazonensis Brazilian isolates to meglumine antimoniate and amphotericin B
Patterns of house infestation dynamics by non-domiciliated Triatoma dimidiata reveal a spatial gradient of infestation in rural villages and potential insect manipulation by Trypanosoma cruzi
Antibody drop in newborns congenitally infected by Trypanosoma cruzi treated with benznidazole
Health systems strengthening through insurance subsidies
How much is not enough? A community randomized trial of a Water and Health Education programme for Trachoma and Ocular C. trachomatis infection in Niger
Haematological and biochemistry laboratory abnormalities associated with splenomegaly in asymptomatic adults in Masaka, Uganda
Provider-initiated HIV testing for paediatric inpatients and their caretakers is feasible and acceptable
Estimation of R 0 from the initial phase of an outbreak of a vector-borne infection
Evaluation of the pyrrole insecticide chlorfenapyr against pyrethroid resistant and susceptible Anopheles funestus (Diptera
Is mortality among under-five children in Nairobi slums seasonal?
Determinants of third dose of diphtheria–tetanus–pertussis (DTP) completion among children who received DTP1 at rural immunization centres in Pakistan
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