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World TB Day 2010 – New innovations are required for enhancing the global fight against Tuberculosis
Cost-effectiveness of educational outreach to primary care nurses to increase tuberculosis case detection and improve respiratory care
Case–control analysis of the health and nutrition of orphan schoolchildren in Ethiopia
Moving from vertical to integrated child health programmes
Evaluation of the prevalence of trachoma 12 years after baseline surveys in Kidal Region, Mali
Access to a health facility and care-seeking for danger signs in children
Translating global health research aims into action
The effects of HIV/AIDS on rural communities in East Africa
Personal protection by long-lasting insecticidal hammocks against the bites of forest malaria vectors
In vitro sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to conventional and novel antimalarial drugs in Papua New Guinea
Prices of antihypertensive medicines in sub-Saharan Africa and alignment to WHO's model list of essential medicines
How to improve the validity of sexual behaviour reporting
“Absolute” or “added” predictive value?
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