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Impact of hookworm infection and deworming on anaemia in non-pregnant populations: a systematic review
Sleeping sickness diagnosis: use of buffy coats improves the sensitivity of the mini anion exchange centrifugation test
Accordance and concordance of PCR and NASBA followed by oligochromatography for the molecular diagnosis of Trypanosoma brucei and Leishmania
Sensitivity and specificity of the Leishmania OligoC-TesT and NASBA-oligochromatography for diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in Kenya
Evaluation of two commercially available ELISAs for the diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis applied to field samples
High proportion of mixed-species Plasmodium infections in India revealed by PCR diagnostic assay
Initiation of highly active antiretroviral therapy among pregnant women in Cape Town, South Africa
Retention of HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children in a comprehensive HIV clinical care programme in Western Kenya
Peripartum nevirapine exposure and subsequent clinical outcomes among HIV-infected women receiving antiretroviral therapy for at least 12 months
Clinical characteristics and treatment outcome of patients with visceral leishmaniasis and HIV co-infection in northwest Ethiopia
A simple method for rapid community assessment of tungiasis
Cocirculation of Rio Negro Virus (RNV) and Pixuna Virus (PIXV) in Tucumán province, Argentina