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Linking research and development to strengthen health systems in Africa
Keeping health facilities safe: one way of strengthening the interaction between disease-specific programmes and health systems
Providing universal access to antiretroviral therapy in Thyolo, Malawi through task shifting and decentralization of HIV/AIDS care
The epidemiology of meningococcal disease in India
Evaluation of Plasmodium vivax ELISA for the blood screen
Informed decision-making before changing to RDT: a comparison of microscopy, rapid diagnostic test and molecular techniques for the diagnosis and identification of malaria parasites in Kassala, eastern Sudan
Laboratory malaria diagnostic capacity in health facilities in five administrative zones of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia
Linking migration, mobility and HIV
Migration and child health inequities in Nigeria: a multilevel analysis of contextual- and individual-level factors
Duration of cough, TB suspects’ characteristics and service factors determine the yield of smear microscopy
Randomized controlled trial of zinc and vitamin A as co-adjuvants for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis
Human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C in an Indonesian prison: prevalence, risk factors and implications of HIV screening
Subtype prevalence, plasmid profiles and growing fluoroquinolone resistance in Shigella from Kolkata, India (2001-2007): a hospital-based study
A community-randomised controlled trial promoting waterless hand sanitizer and handwashing with soap, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Aetiology of community-acquired pneumonia in hospitalized adult patients in New Caledonia
Survival of Betta splendens fish (Regan, 1910) in domestic water containers and its effectiveness in controlling Aedes aegypti larvae (Linnaeus, 1762) in Northeast Brazil
Disease awareness and knowledge in caregivers of children who had surgery for cystic hydatid disease in Lima, Peru
Capture-recapture for estimating the size of the female sex worker population in three cities in Côte d’Ivoire and in Kisumu, western Kenya
Identification of poor households for premium exemptions in Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme: empirical analysis of three strategies
Per diems in Africa: a counter-argument
Challenges in the diagnosis of meningitis in low-resource settings
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