Tropical Medicine & International Health May 2014
Impact of choice of NRTI in first-line antiretroviral therapy: a cohort analysis of stavudine vs . tenofovir
Leveraging rapid implementation of an HIV treatment policy to reduce confounding in observational analysis of antiretroviral outcomes
Systematic review and meta-analysis: Patient and programme impact of fixed-dose combination antiretroviral therapy
Four-year retention and risk factors for attrition among members of community ART groups in Tete, Mozambique
The elusive effect of water and sanitation on the global burden of disease
Toys and toilets: cross-sectional study using children's toys to evaluate environmental faecal contamination in rural Bangladeshi households with different sanitation facilities and practices
Oxygen and pulse oximetry in childhood pneumonia: surveys of clinicians and student clinicians in Cambodia
What are the main environmental exposures associated with elevated IgE in Cuban infants? A population-based study
Inpatient child mortality by travel time to hospital in a rural area of Tanzania
Reduced prevalence of Giardia duodenalis in iron-deficient Rwandan children
Changing epidemiology of maternal mortality in rural India: time to reset strategies for MDG-5
Human IgG antibody response to Aedes aegypti Nterm-34 kDa salivary peptide as an indicator to identify areas at high risk for dengue transmission: a retrospective study in urban settings of Vientiane city, Lao PDR
The household-level economic burden of heart disease in India
A pilot study to evaluate aflatoxin exposure in a rural Ugandan population
Posterior segment eye disease in sub-Saharan Africa: review of recent population-based studies
Vector competence of Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) for West Nile virus isolates from Florida