Tropical Medicine & International Health July 2014
The practice and clinical implications of tablet splitting in international health
Antibiotic prescribing practice for acute, uncomplicated respiratory tract infections in primary care settings in New Delhi, India
Knowledge, attitudes and practices concerning self-medication with antibiotics among university students in western China
Distance to emergency obstetric services and early neonatal mortality in Ethiopia
Stock-outs of essential health products in Mozambique – longitudinal analyses from 2011 to 2013
Socio-economic determinants and inequities in coverage and timeliness of early childhood immunisation in rural Ghana
Soil-transmitted helminths in southern highland Rwanda: associated factors and effectiveness of school-based preventive chemotherapy
HINARI grows: one step closer to health information for all
Immune trypanolysis test with blood spotted on filter paper for epidemiological surveillance of sleeping sickness
Chronic osteomyelitis management in austere environments: the International Committee of the Red Cross experience
The Hajj pilgrimage and surveillance for Middle East Respiratory syndrome coronavirus in pilgrims from African countries
Reproductive risk factors assessment for anaemia among pregnant women in India using a multinomial logistic regression model
HIV status, breastfeeding modality at 5 months and postpartum maternal weight changes over 24 months in rural South Africa
National spatial and temporal patterns of notified dengue cases, Colombia 2007–2010
Policy challenges facing integrated community case management in Sub-Saharan Africa