Paediatricians' Role in War Prevention
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Sudden Unexpected Child Deaths: Forensic Autopsy Results in Cases of Sudden Deaths During a 5-year Period
Molecular Analysis of Iranian Families with Sickle Cell Disease
Varicella Zoster Seroprevalence in Children less than 5 years old
Late Presentation of Tracheobronchial Foreign Body Aspiration in Children
Pretreatment Blood Concentrations of Chloroquine in Patients with Malaria Infection: Relation to Response to Treatment
Diarrhea Associated with Cryptosporidium parvum among Young Children of the Nile River Delta in Egypt
Rapid Detection and Clinical Features of Influenza and Parainfluenza in Infants and Young Children Hospitalized with Acute Lower Respiratory Illnesses
Is There a Relationship Between Childhood Helicobacter Pylori Infection and Iron Deficiency Anemia?
Normal Values of Pulse Oximetry in Newborns at High Altitude
Concurrent Outbreak of Leptospirosis and Dengue in Mumbai, India, 2002
Plasmodium falciparum Inhibitory Capacities of Paired Maternal-cord Sera from South-west Province, Cameroon
Paradoxical Appearance of Intracranial Tuberculoma in a Child with Tuberculous Meningitis
Anti-tumour Necrosis Factor-Alpha Treatment of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in a Patient with Common Variable Immunodeficiency