In this Issue December 2006
Climate Change—the Greatest Crisis for Children?
Evidence Behind the WHO Guidelines: Hospital Care for Children: What is the Precision of Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Malaria?
Rational Use of Antimicrobials in Infants in Primary Care of Bahrain
Evaluation of a Partial Day Treatment Realimentation Program for Malnourished Children in the Dominican Republic
Bacterial Safety of Flash-heated and Unheated Expressed Breastmilk during Storage
Head Circumference Standards for School Children of Shiraz, Iran
[Tc]-99m Thyroid Scintigraphy in Congenital Hypothyroidism Screening Program
Acute Splenic Sequestration in Female Children with Sickle Cell Disease in the North of Jordan
Is Undernutrition a Problem among Turkish School Children?: Which Factors have an Influence on It?
Randomized Controlled Trial of 7-Day vs. 14-Day Antibiotics for Neonatal Sepsis
Diagnostic Value of Elisa Serological Tests in Childhood Tuberculosis
Does Kangaroo Mother Care Save Lives?
Fatal Encephalopathy and Renal Failure Caused by Diethylene Glycol Poisoning
Discordant Endocrinopathy in a Sibling with Shwachman–Diamond Syndrome
Report of a Case of Congenital Malaria Plasmodium malariae in France
Role of Naso-Gastric Aspirate in HIV-Positive Children Presenting with Respiratory Symptoms