In this Issue October 2007
The Epidemic of Violence Against children
Evidence Behind the WHO Guidelines: Hospital Care for Children: What are the Risks of HIV Transmission Through Breastfeeding?
Immunogenicity and Reactogenicity of Two Recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccines in Small Infants: A Randomized, Double-Blind Comparative Study
Relationship between Trachoma and Chronic and Acute Malnutrition in Children in Rural Ethiopia
Is There Any Relationship Between Asthma and Asthma Attack in Children and Atypical Bacterial Infections; Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae and Helicobacter Pylori
The Impact of Passive Smoking on the Development of Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Children
Montelukast vs. Inhaled Low-Dose Budesonide as Monotherapy in the Treatment of Mild Persistent Asthma: A Randomized Double Blind Controlled Trial
Role of Steroids on the Clinical Course and Outcome of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome—A Randomized Controlled Trial
Factors Influencing the Academic Performance of School Children with Epilepsy
The Mood Variation in Mothers of Preterm Infants in Kangaroo Mother Care and Conventional Incubator Care
A Review of 116 Cases of Breastfeeding-Associated Hypernatremia in Rural Area of Central Turkey
The Pattern and Early Diagnostic Value of Doppler Ultrasound for Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy
A Reverse Transcriptase Assay for Early Diagnosis of Infant HIV Infection in Resource-limited Settings
Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Associated with Visceral Leishmaniasis
‘The use of acacia gum in end stage renal failure’
Risk Factors Associated with Stillbirth in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam