Predictor of Low Birth Weight Babies by Anthropometry

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ObjectiveThe present study was undertaken to find out the best simple anthropometric parameter for identifying low birth weight (LBW) babies.Study designHospital-based cross-sectional study.ParticipantsNewborn babies born in KHS hospital, Sevagram.ResultsIn the present study, out of 868 newborn babies studied, 52.2% were male. Total 12.6% of them were birth weight < 2000 g and 44.6% were birth weight < 2500 g. Birth weight was significantly correlated (p < 0.001) with thigh circumference (TC), mid-arm circumference (MAC), calf circumference (CFC) and head circumference (HC). All anthropometric indicators had a statistically significant sensitivity, specificity and predictive value (p < 0.001) for identifying ≤2500 g birth weight babies. Receiver operating curve (ROC) analysis was done to identify the optimal cut-off points of these anthropometric measures separately for LBW babies and <2000 g birth weight babies.ConclusionHC and TC appears to be better indicators for picking up LBW babies and MAC and CFC appears to be better in picking up very LBW babies.

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