In this Issue August 2009
Global Health Watch 2
David Morley – In Memoriam
David Morley
Evidence behind the WHO Guidelines
Evidence behind the WHO Guidelines
Efficacy of Antiretroviral Therapy Program in Children in India
Cytokine Profiles in Peripheral, Placental and Cord Blood in an Area of Unstable Malaria Transmission in Eastern Sudan
Endoscopy Findings in HIV-Infected Children from Sub-Saharan Africa
Safety, Effectiveness and Barriers to Follow-up Using an ‘Early Discharge’ Kangaroo Care Policy in a Resource Poor Setting
Factors Associated with Immunization Coverage of Children in Assam, India
Two Doses of Measles Vaccine
Clinical Notations on Bacteremic Cavitating Pneumococcal Pneumonia in Nonvaccinated Immunocompetent Children
The Economic Burden of Preterm/Very Low Birth Weight Care in Nigeria
A Novel Mutation in the SLC19A2 Gene in a Turkish Female with Thiamine-responsive Megaloblastic Anemia Syndrome
A Succesful Treatment of Avian Influenza İnfection in Turkey
Mycoplasma pneumoniae—Associated Cerebral Infarction in a Child
The Relationship between Glucagon-Like Peptide 2 and Feeding Intolerance in Preterm Infants
Medical Microbiology for the New Curriculum
Medical Statistics from Scratch
Evidence-based Emergency Care