Successful Treatment of Hepatitis B Virus Associated Nephrotic Syndrome With Oral Lamivudine in a Nigerian Child: A Case Report

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Hepatitis B virus is a well described cause of nephrotic syndrome (NS) worldwide, the typical lesion being membranous glomerulonephropathy. HBV associated NS has been successfully treated with intravenous alpha interferon (IFN), an anti-viral agent. In recent times there have been reports of treatment with lamivudine, an orally administered nucleoside analogue inhibitor of HBV DNA polymerase in Caucasian children. Data is however limited and it's actual efficacy and safety in children is yet to be determined. We present the case of an 8-year-old Nigerian boy with NS and active hepatitis B virus infection. He went into remission 3 months after commencing oral lamivudine which he had for a year with no significant side effects observed. He remains in remission 3 years later. This, to our knowledge is the first report in literature of successful treatment in an African child.

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