In this Issue June 2013
Managing Mental Health in Children
Effect of a School Feeding Programme on Nutritional Status and Anaemia in an Urban Slum
Daily and Weekly Iron Supplementations are Effective in Increasing Hemoglobin and Reducing Anemia in Infants
‘Helping Babies Breathe’ Training in Sub-Saharan Africa
Immunization coverage in young children
Burden of Surgical Congenital Anomalies in Kenya
Nutritional Predictors of Acute Respiratory Infections Among Children Born to HIV-Infected Women in Tanzania
Effect of Topical Application of Chlorhexidine for Umbilical Cord Care in Comparison with Conventional Dry Cord Care on the Risk of Neonatal Sepsis
The influence of having children on HIV-related risk behaviors of female sex workers and their intimate male partners in two Mexico–US border cities
Does Utilization of Antenatal Care Result in an Institutional Delivery? Findings of a Record-Based Study in Urban Chandigarh
Reduction of Neonatal Pain Following Administration of 25% Lingual Dextrose
Comparison on physical activity among adolescents with different weight status in Shandong, China
Development and validation of the Indian Adolescent Health Questionnaire
Tropical Pyomyositis in Children
Fatal Streptococcus melleri Meningitis Complicating Missed Infected Intramedullary Dermoid Cyst Secondary to Dermal Sinus in a Saudi Child
Varied Presentations of Early Congenital Syphilis