In this Issue June 2014
Health Trends in Iraq with a Focus on Children
Growth among HIV-infected Children Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Impact of a Social Franchising Program on Uptake of Oral Rehydration Solution Plus Zinc for Childhood Diarrhea in Myanmar
Co-morbidities in Children Presenting with Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media—A South African Study
A Randomized Controlled Trial on Safety and Efficacy of Single Intramuscular versus Staggered Oral Dose of 600 000IU Vitamin D in Treatment of Nutritional Rickets
Factors Associated with Malnutrition among Tribal Children in India
Use of Induced Sputum to Determine the Prevalence of Pneumocystis jirovecii in Immunocompromised Children With Pneumonia
Prevalence of Bordetella Infection in a Hospital Setting in Niamey, Niger
NPHS2 R229Q Polymorphism in Steroid Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome
Neonatal care practices in a tribal community of Odisha, India
Persistence of Lymphatic Filarial Infection in the Paediatric Population of Rural Community, after Six Rounds of Annual Mass Drug Administrations
The Use of Unprescribed Antibiotics in Management of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in Children in Enugu, South East Nigeria
Post-transfusion Hypertension and Seizure in Congenital Hemolytic anemia
A New Mutation in the TBX5 Gene in Holt–Oram Syndrome
Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis in a 5-Year-Old Sudanese Boy
Effectiveness of Phototherapy Units in Cameroon