In this Issue June 2015
Drowning – The Preventable Killer
Probiotics Reduce Necrotizing Enterocolitis Severity in HIV-exposed Premature Infants
Patterns of Distribution of Childhood Cancer in Africa
Profile of non-accidental childhood injury at a tertiary hospital in south-west Nigeria
Acinetobacter baumannii infections in a South African paediatric intensive care unit
Human milk banking and milk kinship
Blood pressure variation with gestational age and birth weight in Indian newborn
Reduction in Rotavirus Disease and Sustained Predominance of G2P[4] Rotavirus Strain following Introduction of Rotavirus Vaccine in Recife, Brazil
Neonatal mortality in India’s rural poor
Undiagnosed congenital hypothyroidism in a newborn treated with dopamine infusion
Acute suppurative parotitis in a 33-day-old patient
Laboratory confirmation of clinically diagnosed malaria in a cohort of HIV-infected mothers and their children in Malawi
Out-of-pocket nonmedical expenses associated with out-patient treatment of common childhood illnesses
Prevalence of Dicrocoelium dendriticum ova in Ghanaian school children
Anemia among school children in eastern Nepal