In this issue February 2016
Zika Virus
Hematological Indices at Birth of Infants of HIV-Positive Mothers Participating in a Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission Program
Incidence, Etiology and Risk Factors Associated with Neonatal Healthcare-Associated Conjunctivitis : A Prospective Study from a Tertiary Care Hospital in India
An Evaluation of Alternative Markers to Guide Initiation of Anti-retroviral Therapy in HIV-Infected Children in Settings where CD4 Assays are not Available
Active Tuberculosis in HIV-Exposed Tanzanian Children up to 2 years of Age : Early-Life Nutrition, Multivitamin Supplementation and Other Potential Risk Factors
Cytogenetic Studies of Rwandan Pediatric Patients Presenting with Global Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability and/or Multiple Congenital Anomalies
Poor Infant Feeding Practices and High Prevalence of Malnutrition in Urban Slum Child Care Centres in Nairobi : A Pilot Study
Animal Bites and Rabies Prophylaxis in Rural Children : Indian Perspective
Factors Associated with Nipple Lesions in Puerperae
Use of Nasal Bubble CPAP in Children with Hypoxemic Clinical Pneumonia—Report from a Resource Limited Set-Up
The Role of 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing in Confirmation of Suspected Neonatal Sepsis
Iodine Nutritional Status among Adolescent Girls in Uttarakhand, India